Update version is now available for your Samsung Mobile phones

Samsung has one of the best-selling smartphones to date. It has many features and specifications that make it different from most other phone brands. Samsung has phone software that allows Galaxy smartphone owners to make calls, much like Google does. Every Samsung smartphone has it pre-installed as the default application. You can answer the call and see who is calling you using the app. You can see the contact’s name and associated photo if you have saved the corresponding number in your address book.

Any smartphone user will find the app to be a very useful resource. To take advantage of the latest updates and improvements, always update to the latest version.

Samsung offers many updates. On November 25th, the update version was released to users which brought regular improvements and changes to the app for better functionality and stability. Shortly after, on December 13, version was released with few feature changes. On February 26, they released the Version to fix bug related issues to bring stability to your app. On March 7, version was released, and shortly after, on March 9, version was released. Since then, there have been lots of updates for your Samsung Android device.

Now Samsung is getting a new update with version which aims to bring regular improvements to keep your phone running smoothly and improving its overall performance.