Two MPEB employees robbed of mobile phones and Rs 5,000 in cash

Two MPEB employees were attacked with a sharp weapon and robbed of their mobile phones and Rs 5,000 by three disbelievers in the evening at a private MPEB settlement; Ashoka Garden Police have opened an investigation.

Babulal Kachi and his friend were attacked by three unidentified miscreants when the victim entered the settlement in the evening. A case of self-injury while committing theft has been registered with the Ashoka Garden Police.

According to the police, the victims were arrested by three disbelievers as he was returning home, they threw stones and when the victims objected, the disbelievers attacked him with a sharp weapon and in an attempt to save from the attack, Babulal holds a sharp weapon badly injuring his fingers.

The disbelievers threatened and stole the victims’ mobile phones and Rs 5000 in cash and escaped.

The victim filed a complaint with the Ashoka Garden Police and after a preliminary investigation, the police registered a case under IPC Section 394 and opened a further investigation.

The victim did not raise any suspicions, but the police suspect that someone who knows the victim could attack him.

During the further investigation, the police would investigate the CCTV cameras installed in the nearby areas, which would help in catching the accused. The area remains deserted late into the evening, which made it easy for the disbelievers to escape.