The village of Yavatmal prohibits the use of mobile phones for children

A village in Yavatmal district in the western Vidarbha region of Maharashtra has banned the use of mobile phones for those under 18.

The decision was made in the village of Bansi gram sabha under Pusad tehsil as the children have become addicted to watching games and surfing websites which are not suitable for them.

Gajanan Tale, the sarpanch of the Bansi gram panchayat, said all parents were urged to force their children to strictly observe the ban.

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Tale claimed that a formal resolution to ban cellphones for children under 18 had been unanimously approved.

According to the sarpanch, school children in the village are addicted to mobile phones.

“We know there will be implementation challenges. But we will eliminate these problems through counselling. Sanctions will have to be imposed on them in the event of violation of the decision. But the villagers unanimously supported this decision,” he said.

“At first we will advise them and if we don’t reach our goal, we will impose a penalty,” Tale said, adding that the exact amount of the penalty was not yet fixed.