State Election Commission Bans Use of Cell Phones in Counting Rooms

Morena (Madhya Pradesh): To avoid any controversy related to the vote counting process, the State Election Commission banned cell phones inside the counting rooms during the counting of votes for the city body general elections. According to commission officials, the use of cellphones during the counting of votes for city bodies can hamper the counting work and there is a possibility of breach of confidentiality. Therefore, the use of mobile phones in the premises of the counting room has been completely prohibited.

Observers appointed by the Election Supervision Commission will be free from the above restriction so that they remain in constant contact with officials of the Commission.

In a letter issued by Rakesh Singh, secretary of the MP’s State Election Commission, it is mentioned that upon entry of the contesting candidate and his electoral agent to the counting place, if a candidate or his electoral agent or counting officer brings a cell phone to the counting place, he should not be allowed to enter. In this regard, instructions have been given in advance to inform all candidates, recognized political parties. Arrangements have already been made by the District Electoral Officer and officers associated with the vote count to set up a telephone room near the counting location to maintain communication with commission officials.