Sports fans are watching more games than ever – via their mobile phones

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A survey of 2,000 sports fans who own phones found that 37% watch more action on the small screen.

And 11% said the amount they watched on phones was “significantly” higher than 12 months ago.

More than four in 10 (43%) turn to their mobile to watch sports on the go, while 45% do so when the primary TV at home is unavailable.

The research, commissioned by Sky Mobile, found that the two must-watch sporting events this summer are the Women’s Euro (36%) and the Commonwealth Games (29%).

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Triumph of the lioness

It also emerged that 66 per cent backed the home nations for a win this sporting season, with one in four expecting the Lionesses to triumph at the Euros.

More than six in 10 players (63%) also believe that the England men’s team’s run to the Euro finals last year has made them more excited for the women’s games this year.

Former England and Arsenal star Faye White said: “2022 will be a golden year for British sporting stars and I will be supporting the women’s football team every step of the way.

“I love being part of the action, so I’ll be with the many Brits keeping tabs on the latest.”

Watch while working

The research also found that four in 10 fans surveyed slyly watch sports on their phones while at work, and one in five would happily cancel an event so as not to miss the action.

According to figures from, an additional 18% will even take annual leave so as not to miss anything, while 12% will even cancel a vacation.

Paul Sweeney, Managing Director of Sky Mobile, added: “With half of Britons now using their phones to watch sport on the go, we want to make it easy for Sky Mobile fans to continue watching.

“So to help you out, you can stream the Sky Sports app on the go and catch all the action as it happens – without eating into your data.”