Punjab: Four more mobile phones recovered from Ferozepur prison

Over the past week, at least a dozen mobile phones have been recovered from inmates, including gangsters, housed at Ferozepur prison

Four mobile phones were recovered from a barracks in Ferozepur Central Jail late Sunday evening.

In a complaint to police, Deputy Superintendent of Jail Kailash said while checking in at Number 8 Barracks, a mobile phone with a SIM card was recovered from Namandeep Singh, who is on trial.

Three other phones with SIM cards were found hidden in different places in the same barracks. A case has been registered under the Prisons Act against Namandeep and three unidentified people.

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Last week, at least a dozen mobile phones were recovered from inmates, including gangsters, housed at the prison. The search has been intensified after the police investigation into the murder of singer and politician Sidhu Moose Wala revealed a link to gangsters running their operations behind bars.

On Tuesday, prison officials had recovered three cellphones from a high-security barracks, where a suspect in the Moose Wala murder was housed before SIT took him in. Two mobile phones with SIM cards were recovered from two jailed gangsters on Wednesday, followed by two more seized on Friday and one without a SIM card on Saturday. In all these cases, an investigation is underway to find the source.

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Punjab Prisons Minister Harjot Bains recently promised to free all prisons from mobile phones within six months. Bains, who was visiting Faridkot and Bathinda prisons on Saturday, had also instructed prison officials to carry out daily checks of imprisoned gangsters and classified prisoners.

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