Police react after nearly 40 drivers were caught using their mobile phones on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield

A cyclist said he counted 37 people in a single day on Ecclesall Road using their mobile phone, and they called on police to crack down on motorists who break the law. Their tweet received more than 200 likes, with many others saying drivers using their phones were sadly all too common. One person replied, “Too many people think they don’t get distracted when they’re on their cell phone while driving. They think they’re not going to crash as a result of using their phone…until the point where they have an accident.

South Yorkshire Police have now responded, revealing that so far this year 300 people across the county have been reported for the offense and insisting officers on patrol are still looking for drivers using their telephone.

Inspector Matt Collings, of the Force’s Highways Policing Group, said: ‘Cell phone use while driving is considered to be so dangerous and such a contributing factor to fatal and serious collisions that it makes part of the “Fatal 4” national roads. policing strategy – speeding, drunk/drug driving, seatbelt and distracted driving (of which mobile phone use is the primary focus). The nationwide campaign to target motorists using cellphones runs in February, but we’re focusing on enforcement in these key areas throughout the year. Our traffic police officers who are not engaged in any other incident or operation patrol the roads to ensure that motorists obey the law.

Police responded after a cyclist said he counted 37 motorists in a single day on Ecclesall Road using his mobile phone. File photo by Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

What is the maximum fine if you are caught using your phone while driving?

“Mobile phone legislation was updated earlier this year that phones must not be touched at all while you are using your vehicle – the only exception being when using your device to pay in a drive-thru or equivalent. The fine has also been doubled, so you face a fine of £200 and six points if you are caught using your phone while driving. This means that if you are caught a second time, you will lose your license. If the idea of ​​risking your life and the lives of others doesn’t focus the mind, then hopefully the idea of ​​people losing their license will.

In the year to October, South Yorkshire Police said there were 300 traffic violation reports for “using a mobile phone/handheld device while driving a motor vehicle on a road”. The force said that number did not include people who have been summoned to court. For example, he said that if someone already had six or more points, a traffic violation report would not be submitted as a case would instead be prepared for court.