Older people feel mobile phones are impacting their interactions with young people: study

According to a recent study, around 65% of older people surveyed in the country believe that the adoption of mobile phones and other technologies has impacted their personal interactions with the younger generation.

The Liberty in Life of Older People 2022 survey was conducted by Pan Healthcare and recorded responses from 10,000 participants across 10 cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Patna, Pune and Ahmedabad.

As many as 72.5% said people of their generation spent more time with older family members.

The study also found that 51% of respondents had health conditions that made it difficult for them to get around and do things on their own.

“Joint and body pain (58.1%) are by far the biggest reason limiting mobility for older people in India. Fatigue and forgetfulness (at 8.4% each) were also on the list,” said he declared.

Urinary incontinence emerged as the second limiting factor (18%) preventing people over 65 from moving freely, he said.

Chirag Pan, CEO of Pan Healthcare, said: “Office of National Statistics (ONS) and census data show that the elderly population in India is growing at a much faster rate than the general population. In fact, it is likely to grow by more than 40% over the next decade, compared to only 8.4% expected growth in the overall population.

“It is imperative that younger family members pay more attention to the physical, psychological and social needs of older people,” he said.