Kerala Youth Commission allows the use of mobile phones on university campuses – Edexlive

Students using mobile phone image for representative purposes only | (Photo: Express)

The Kerala State Youth Commission has recommended that the state government allow the use of mobile phones in colleges. The recommendation was issued following a complaint by a member of the All India Youth Federation (AIYF) and states that restrictions on the use of phones in colleges should be lifted, to allow students to study easier.

AIYF member Amal B Nath had filed the complaint with the Youth Commission during the adalat (court) held in Kollam in December 2020. According to him, “despite the large-scale implementation of the ‘digital education in colleges, the restriction on mobile phones created enormous difficulties for students,’ according to an ENS report.

The Youth Commission requested a report from the Direction de l’enseignement collégial, based on Nath’s complaint. According to the report of the Directorate, the state government has taken various measures to implement the digitalization of education in Kerala such as the introduction of e-learning systems in the higher education sector and open source learning platforms such as Moodle. Management claimed that students’ use of Moodle had increased significantly during the lockdown period.

The Commission, meanwhile, noted that physical classes have been severely impacted during the COVID-19 lockdown period. “Students who do not have laptops and computers rely on smartphones to continue their learning through the online mode. Therefore, in this acute circumstance, the government must allow students to use mobile phones on university campuses”, according to ENS.