Kechaora mini cellphones found hidden in the rectums of prisoners at Surat Lajpor prison

Surat: Two Kechoda company mobile phones were found in the rectums of two prisoners incarcerated at Lajpore Central Jail in Surat using a non-linear junction detector, whereby a complaint was filed against four prison inmates at Sachin police station.

The central prison search team found the movements of inmates in barrack B-303 suspicious and began searching their beds and belongings, but nothing could be found. Undeterred, the excavation team used the non-linear junction detection machine, which indicated that metallic objects were present in the rectum of Darshan Ramesh Patel and Laxmikant alias Bhola Mukundlal Vishwakarma. After being sternly warned by the search team, the two detainees removed the cell phones of the Kechoda company from their respective funds and handed them over to the team.

During his interrogation, Darshan admitted that the mobile phone he had hidden in his rectum belonged to Altaf Ahmed Shaikh, who is also in the same barracks as him. Laxmikant confessed that the cell phone hidden in his rectum belonged to fellow inmate Chandkhan Sattarkhan alias Dadhi Pathan.

Jailer Ramesh Parmar filed a Prisoners Act complaint at Sachin Police Station in the case against the four detainees.

Desh Gujarat