EE offers in-store mobile phone repairs nationwide

EE’s same day mobile phone repair service is now available across the UK, offering the service to customers from any network.

Growing awareness of e-waste and rising cost of new smartphones have boosted street repair services in recent years. But EE says its research shows that 60% of users would still rather get a new handset than fix their existing one.

“Separation anxiety” is cited as a major factor behind this trend, with customers unable or unwilling to be disconnected for the time it takes to fix a phone.

EE in-store repairs

The BT-owned operator has offered a repair service since 2005 and serves 60,000 customers a year. However, with repairs taking an average of six days, that wasn’t fast enough for those worried about going too long without their device.

Research commissioned by the company suggests that customers take an average of seven weeks to get something like a cracked screen fixed.

To remedy the situation, EE worked to improve its capabilities. It introduced in-store repairs in late 2020 and has now expanded that service to 218 stores across the country.

Anyone with an Apple, Google, Huawei or Samsung device can take advantage of this, which accounts for 72% of all stored devices, with most repairs possible within two hours. There is also a next day collection service, although more complex repairs may take longer.

The launch coincides with a survey that customers are more likely to break their phones in the summer.

“Our lightning-fast in-store repair service means customers can avoid the shame of a broken screen and be back to enjoying summer in hours,” said Bridget Lea, Commercial General Manager at EE.

“Choosing to repair, reuse and recycle also means that we are all doing our part to help meet the growing challenge of e-waste.”

Other mobile operators and manufacturers have also worked to improve their repair offer. Google, Samsung and Apple are among those who have launched initiatives in recent times.

EE repairs reflect the changing and increasingly versatile nature of operator outlets. EE has opened a ‘concept store’ at its Aldgate headquarters to test new retail ideas that could be rolled out to other locations and to provide customers with a more ‘immersive’ experience when shopping for new services and products from EE and BT.