Drones, mobile phones and 80 liters of booze among items confiscated from Liverpool prisoners

An abundance of unusual items have been confiscated from prisoners in Liverpool since 2020.

They were found in surprising places, including letters, boxers, shoes and photographs. A freedom of information request to the Department of Justice revealed everything that had been confiscated at HMP Liverpool since 2020.

Over the past two years, officers have confiscated hundreds of chargers, lighters and more than 500 phones from Walton Jail. Other fairly typical confiscations included letters, thumb drives, and memory cards.

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But there were also stranger elements included in the data. Between 2020 and 2022, an incredible 80 liters of booze – an illegally brewed high-strength liquor – was taken. Illegal items also included a pair of panties confiscated over the two years, as well as two bottles containing urine and feces.

Five drones were discovered and a booklet containing a handwritten story was taken away. On June 17, 2020, a single Kinder Egg was confiscated from a prisoner.

The exclusive figures also revealed a worrying number of drug offenses in the men’s prison. In total, about 8 kg of cannabis have been confiscated since 2020 – the equivalent of a standard television.

The largest amount of cannabis confiscated at one time was 340g. There were two cases of ecstasy, one of MDMA, one of acid and 13 of cocaine. An unspecified white powder was found seven times.

‘Spice’, a lab-made synthetic cannabinoid designed to mimic the effects of cannabis, has been found around 10 times. Drugs are a growing problem in UK prisons and are far more unpredictable than cannabis.

Five cases of heroin were discovered, including 100g on August 30, 2021, while 61 weapons including scissors, a hacksaw blade and those handmade by inmates were found.

A Prison Service spokesman said: ‘We have a zero tolerance approach to drugs in prisons and with our new airport-style security, nearly 20,000 attempts at illegal smuggling behind bars have been intercepted.

“Our approach is working – at HMP Liverpool drone activity is on the decline thanks to additional security measures, allowing us to focus on transforming the lives of offenders to reduce crime and protect the public.”

They said staff at HMP Liverpool were working with police to minimize drone activity. To help detect illicit items at the prison, measures such as a body scanner at reception, an Enhanced Gate Search (EGS) and four trained search dogs are in place.