A giant solar flare can destroy cell phones, the Internet and other technologies; find how

If a massive solar storm hit Earth, it would wreak havoc on the internet, cellphones and more. Know how

A large solar flare can knock out all of Earth’s electronic devices and gadgets. A solar flare releases massive heat and radiation, but also produces electromagnetic pulses. As reported by Space.com, the induced current produced due to these geomagnetic storms is over 100 amps and can cause internal component damage, also leading to large-scale power outages. A solar storm can affect the majority of electrical systems used daily. However, you can protect your electronics from solar flares and electromagnetic pulses (EMP) without even spending hundreds of dollars on high-tech equipment. Know what a solar flare is and how it can affect your technology.

What is a solar flare and how can it affect your technology?

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Solar flares are basically explosions on the surface of the sun that emit massive heat, light and radiation as well as induced current. Although minor flares do not create havoc, a very strong solar flare could create havoc on the earth. .

Flares occur when parts of the Sun’s magnetic fields intersect and rearrange, causing the Sun to emit tremendous heat, light and radiation.

Luckily, scientists can predict solar flares before they happen, and if they do happen, it still takes time for them to reach our planet. This means that we can have enough time to secure our technology before the solar flare hits us. The part that really seriously affects the technology is called EMP. It contains a bunch of charged particles and when they hit something conductive, they pass that charge onto that conductive object, creating current in part of a circuit which overloads a live line. This can fry components and even melt wires when overloaded.