8 mobile phones recovered from Ambala central prison

Authorities at Ambala Central Jail on Tuesday recovered a total of eight mobile phones, including an Apple iPhone, from the barracks, where HSC officer returned Anil Nagar, Subrat Khanna, MD, Naraingarh Sugar Mill and eight other top men were accommodated up to a fortnight ago.

By order of the prison director Sanjeev Patter, an inspection was carried out in all barracks of the prison, from where phones and other related objects were recovered.

Patter said: “Unauthorized facilities were given to top men. They lived in Class A and Class B barracks against prison rules, contrary to alphabetical order. On October 17, the barracks were evacuated and they were accommodated in other barracks according to the rules. On Tuesday, their barracks were checked and the phones were recovered. I’m surprised an iPhone was used inside the prison.

A cell phone and SIM cards were also seized from the pockets of other detainees in barracks numbers 6 and 7. An unclaimed cell phone and two damaged phones were also found during the inspection.

Authorities have called for an investigation into the recovery, including the delivery of cellphones, call details and their use by prisoners.

SP Jashandeep Singh Randhawa could not be reached for comment. Inspector Gourav Punia, SHO, Baldev Nagar said the complaint has been received and is being reviewed and an FIR will be filed accordingly.