62 people caught using cellphones while driving in special drive in Kozhikode

A special two-week campaign by traffic enforcement teams revealed 62 drivers who were using mobile phones while driving on crowded city roads. The majority of those arrested were owners and drivers of luxury vehicles.

According to traffic police officers, drivers caught red-handed cared neither for their negligence nor for the risks involved. Some have been reserved near school zones, they said.

“There were motorcyclists inserting mobile phones into helmets and using them while riding. Most of the drivers who were arrested were found holding the mobile phone in one hand,” an official said. He added that there were even cases of people riding motorcycles with the cellphone in one hand.

The special driving was carried out in accordance with the directives of the district police chief (Kozhikode city) A. Akbar. Deputy Police Commissioner A. Sreenivas coordinated enforcement.

“Many are still unaware of the danger of using the phone while driving. On Friday alone, 58 of these drivers were arrested,” Assistant Commissioner (Traffic) AJ Johnson said. He added that 827 cases have been registered for various violations during the campaign that began on October 10.

According to figures released by city police on Saturday, 353 drivers were arrested for not wearing seat belts and 353 drivers were fined for not wearing a helmet. There were 82 cases of speeding.

At the same time, checks have intensified to track motorcycles equipped with folding license plates. Teams have so far seized 12 bikes with illegal modifications. The registration of these vehicles will be suspended after inspection by officers of the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD).