3,600 mobile phones recovered from Punjab prisons in 6 months: minister

Over the past 6 months, as part of prison reform efforts, as many as 3,600 mobile phones have been recovered from various prisons in Punjab, Prisons Minister Harjot Singh Bains said on Thursday. Bains led a surprise raid on Amritsar Central Jail, where he reviewed prison management, spoke to inmates, and reviewed details of their behavior in the prison. He also recovered cell phones used illegally in the prison. Showing the envelopes thrown over the wall at Amritsar prison on Thursday, Bains said that was the modus operandi used for cellphones and drugs being sent to the prison.

He said that radio frequency technology will soon be used in prisons, which is the most advanced technology in the world to jam the mobile network, as it will completely stop the use of cell phones from the prison. He said Punjab would be the first state in the country to use the technology.

He said that apart from that, the search of prisoners with body scanners will be started in every prison and an iron mesh will be placed on the part of the ultra-secure cell, where the gangsters are imprisoned, so that no mobile or other business may come from outside. “In addition to this, the search for gangsters has been launched twice a day and the search team is also being rotated continuously. drug-free in the near future,” Bains added.

He said that according to the survey conducted by the department in each prison, 46% of the 33,000 inmates are drug addicts and that the government has started efforts to get them off drugs.

He said the prisons are being prepared as a “sudhar ghar”, which is facilitated by facilities such as family visits for well-behaved prisoners. The minister said the government’s effort is to make the prisoners qualified and healthy, and ensure their return home. He said that due to this effort, all the prisoners in Amritsar prison use their time by laundering the prison premises. Bains said training for 800 prison guards was underway and recruitment of another 800 guards would begin soon.