140 cell phones with hidden secrets destroyed

Hyderabad: The Law Enforcement Branch and the CBI investigating the liquor scam claimed that more than 140 mobile phones of political leaders, civil servants and businessmen involved in the scam had been destroyed to eliminate digital evidence.

Although it is not difficult to extract the data from the phone, ED officials claimed that the phones had been destroyed since the intensified investigations and arrests in the alcohol scam, despite this , they are able to access the details. Besides Pernod Richard, Sarath Chandra Reddy would be the regional supervisor of the French wine company.

During the attempted remand, ED officials revealed that the defendants attempted to destroy each other’s contacts’ call records and messages by destroying phones. According to the sources, details of deals worth more than Rs 100 crore have been found for the modification and change of liquor policy of Delhi. Initial investigation suggests the booze scam is no small one, but the threads of this case are connected to many states.

Following the Friday arrest of Aurobindo Pharma promoter Sarath Chandra Reddy, ED said it was worrying that those involved in the case were trying to destroy evidence by destroying their phones, however, the agencies reportedly managed to retrieve content from the phones.

The seriousness of the case shows how closely it is being scrutinized by the chief executive as part of the liquor scam investigation. ED says that “there has been a lot of progress in the investigation so far and now that the series of arrests has begun, there is a possibility of further revelations in the coming days. Following the further arrests, we We will have the details of the accused’s relationship and access to questioning and based on that action will be taken.

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