11 must-have phone accessories of 2022

Looking for the hottest accessories of 2022? Look no further!

Every year we see various trends when it comes to finding the best phone accessories. Some are there for looks, and others can even improve the functions and accessibility of your mobile phone. So before considering a phone exchange, why not see if there is an accessory to solve the problem?

1. Handheld mobile printer

Whether you like to capture a good landscape or are the queen of selfies, being able to print them out on the spot is always handy! With a portable printer, you can get your images instantly. They are also great for scrapbooking, choosing which photos you want to print as you go. A portable printer can range from £50 to £200. Some print in monochrome only, but many print in color and can even offer sticky-back printing, eliminating the need for gluing.

2. Selfie stick

The selfie stick is certainly not new, and the first homemade selfie stick was created by Arnold Hogg, a pianist, in 1925 to take a picture of himself and his wife. However, the term selfie stick didn’t come into widespread use until 2014. With such a long history, it’s no surprise that they’re still a popular accessory for phone users today. They’re great companions for travel vloggers and influencers, leaving you virtually hands-free.

3. Mini tripods

Tripods, again, aren’t a new invention, but with the variety of mini tripods, they’re great little accessories for any vlogger or YouTuber. By holding your phone firmly in place, you don’t have to worry about finding the right balance and angle. Each tripod will bend and click, in which every angle gets your best shots. Whether you’re a baking vlogger or an athlete capturing skills on your phone, a tripod is essential for those perfect videos.

4.Removable ring lights

Got the perfect background but bad lighting for that Instagram-worthy image? No problem with a removable selfie ring light. Whether you want the right shade for your plate or the perfect light for your new profile picture, you can flip the ring to either side to provide photographer lighting without all the gear.

5. Mobile USB drives

Nothing is worse than seeing the storage usage warning on your phone! The panic of wondering what you need to delete to make room for even more videos, music, or apps is stressful. In the past, phones had a slot to insert additional memory cards, but they are not so common in newer phones. Instead, take a flash drive and insert it into your charger port. Use it like a computer and transfer all your old files that you just can’t think to delete.

6. NFC Tags

These are ideal for anyone looking to simplify their daily activities, set reminders throughout the day to stay on top of their medications, or even just want to have a smart home without all the expensive gadgets. NFC tags cost very little, less than the price of a coffee for a pack of 10. They are small stickers that can be placed anywhere you want to interact. You can program them together so that when the tag on the back of a plate interacts with one on the table it will automatically text the family for tea, or even place them on the cap of a tablet box that will remind you to take them every 24 hours after each tap.

7. Power Banks

Tired of running out of battery? You can sell your phone to trade it in for a new device with a better battery or pick up a power bank if you’re not quite there yet. Unlike years ago, power banks hold so much more charge than ever, making them ideal for camping, festivals, or even long-haul flights. For around £15 you can grab around 10,000mAh, which is enough to charge three iPhone 14 batteries.

8. Game Controllers

Whether you’re an old-school retro gamer or looking to continue your Call of Duty kill streak, with the various plug-in-a-play remotes available, you can do it anywhere. Especially with the likes of Xbox becoming more fluid on platforms offering more remote play than any other console. Getting a game adapter for your phone can make gaming feel more natural than adapting to your smartphone screen. However, nothing is more natural than the original remote control. Discover the Xbox Care or PlayStation DualSense controller, no plug-in is needed and play with it!

9. Anti-stress phone cases

In a world where everything is on the move and at their fingertips, it’s no surprise that more people suffer from anxiety and stress than ever before. If you feel worried or nervous when scrolling through your phone, why not get a case that can distract you? So many phone cases offer a Pop-It to take the stress away that you’ll quickly forget the message that worried you so much in the first place.

10. Car phone holder and wireless charger

If you regularly take long car trips, a wireless car charger is essential for your must-have accessories. Many fit most car vents and provide the ease of charging your phone without finding cables and getting in the way while driving. Perfect if you use Google Maps to find your way on the road. With so many phones cutting down on attachments and bundled accessories, many phones now come with wireless charging capabilities. This allows the phone to charge without the wires hanging out and reduces the risk of broken phones.

11. Phone Projector

The possibilities with a projector are endless! A phone projector is essential if you love sharing your vacation photos with friends or family (if that’s still the case) or if you want a bigger screen than your TV at home. Set up a cinema in the backyard or entertain the kids on your family camping trip without the need to snuggle up to an iPad. And with no cables needed, you can stream whatever content you choose hassle-free.

Many of these accessories will require specific abilities only available with the latest devices. Why not consider upgrading today and take advantage of our Sell My Mobile services? We offer the best prices online for iPhones and Samsungthen get a quote today!